Foods & Beverages

Our Squad is Proficient in Website & Apps Solutions. having 12 years of experience developing websites and apps for Foods & Beverages. Heading Towards House Cloud Based Software Solutions.


Providing Solutions using PHP, Angular, NodeJs, Java, Android, iOS, for Website & Apps. Also using Frame work like CodeIgniter, Laravel. Also using CMS Like Wordpress, Drupal, Magento for Website Development.


Clients related to these industries are those who are Selling Food & Beverages Products Online Using Website and Apps. Some Popular Brands Using our services. Some are using multistore, App and Marketplace Concept.

Website & App Plugins

Catalog Management, Sales Dashboard, Customers Management, Reports, Automatic Email Notificaitons, Automatic SMS Notifications, User Roles & Permissions, Products Import/Export Features, Google Analytics, Newsletter Management, Pages Management, Discount & Coupon Management, Multi Store Site With Mulilingual View.

Special Plugins We Built

CRM, ERP, Online Payment, Review Manager, Payment, FAQs, Reports, Leadgrabber.

API We Integrated

Quotation, Market Place, TableRate Shipping, Brand Management, Review Manager, Lead API, EMAIL API, SMS API, Google API, Payment API, LiveChat API.

The projects are completed with Full Satisfaction and Grace with client side. Clients from USA, UK, Australia, Ukrain.

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