Android App Development Company USA

We are well known as Android App Development Company USA - With the use of smartphones becoming a necessity in our lives, our professional Android application developers build quality android mobile apps with layouts to provide a perfect fragment configuration to chores smoothly for all android phones and tablets.

Our Development Process

Android App Development - We follow agile methodology to develop Android apps to provide on-going delivery of app to our respective clients.

The very first step is to understand the core requirements of app and take a quick research on set of requirements.

Wireframes simplifies visual concept of the future app.It helps to understand the flow of application and relationships between screens.

Our next step is to create mockup and add color, fonts, text, images, logos and anything else which gives look and feel to our wireframe.

After the mockup is finalised, our squad moves further with development and designing stage. Our app’s design includes pixel-perfect visual details, image assets and even animations if required.

At the same time our Android developers embark on operating Android Studio and write code using JAVA or Kotlin programming language to achieve the required functionality.

After our developers and designers have finished their work, app is assigned to our Quality Assurance team to test app compatibility with all Android devices and versions. Our team takes care of the basic bugs in app - Application crashing, Security vulnerability and memory leak.

Once we’re sure that app is properly configured for release, app is distributed through the official Google Play store. We make sure to follow the entire steps with complete details and screenshots and submit app to Play store. Within several hours our app gets available on the Google play android market place.

Technology and Tools

JAVA, Kotlin

Linux, macOS

Android Studio

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